Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anne and Billy

This wedding was so much fun, the weather was beautiful and I loved the venues.
I thought this was cute, the groom sticking his head out (probably wondering if it was ever going to start since it ran a little late.)

I loved this adorable image of the bride and her new daughter :) and doesn't their son have the best smile... I could take their pics all day long!

And check out this awesome groom's cake. Pretty fun!

For more CUTE pics from this wedding visit my new public photography blog.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today Maddie was sitting in her chair so sweetly while I worked on the computer, I had to get a picture.  While I was getting out the camera Lyndon got  in the chair too (poor girl will never have anything all her own like Lyndon did, she will always have to share it with him... any thoughts on that, I'm the oldest so I was the one honing in.) Oh, and Lyndon rushed in from the bathroom and apparently didn't have time to put his shorts back on, sorry. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Wedding of '09

Yum, Yum.. Cookies!!!

Madelyn loved her first teething 'cookie' they are so gross but I love these messy pictures... for anyone interested, here's a link to Lyndon's first Messy Cookie.

I don't know why Lyndon looks like he is hurt when he says cheese for the camera, but he got a cookie too, and of course needed his picture taken too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Madelyn is 7 months today!

My, how time flies.  I can't believe how big she is.  I know, everyone says that, but it just happens so fast that sometimes it feels like you blinked and they double in size already!
Madelyn is a joy.  The one word that just about everyone uses 
to describe her when they meet her is sweet.  I remember I could feel her 'sweetness' before she was even born, and it is so great to share that wonderful spirit of hers with everyone!
She is happy and content most of the time
She loves her big brother, no one can make her laugh like he does.
She mostly rolls to wherever she wants, and she sits on her own when you put her down but she doesn't like it.  As soon as she realizes she is sitting she throws herself over.  
We joke that she is a princess and can't do these things herself, she wants to be pampered and waited on!
She 'talks' a lot once brother goes to bed and while we are riding in the car.
She likes the jumperoo, just like her brother (can't find a baby who doesn't like it, best money ever spent for sure!) 
She has just started eating some baby food, we don't like to start introducing too much too soon but she needed a little more sustenance and is doing well.  I got out the high chair today and she seemed to like the view :)
I think that just about sums up our 7 month old.  I know a lot of our family keeps up with us through this blog because we live so far.  It's great but you have to take my word for it or YOU COULD COME VISIT!!!