Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun with Frames

This is not an original idea.  I've seen it done plenty of times, but I just realized last night while I was lying in bed that I already had a frame I could use!  I was so excited to try it with Madelyn (since I didn't think Lyndon would be interested, but surprisingly he has really been into 'posing' for me lately!)
Anyway, in my head I guess I just thought the frame floated or something, I don't know, I tried to get Lyndon to help hold it but I never got the shot I was hoping for.  We had fun just the same and I thought these would fun to share!

I thought maybe I could just lay the frame down and put her in it... she doesn't really like to be put in weird places... I guess she doesn't catch my vision...

Ahhhh, he loves his little sister :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going Private....

Hey, I think I'm gonna join the other smart private bloggers for my family blog.  I don't know why, I'm just kind of getting a little nervous about it.  So if I have your email you should get an invite, but if for some reason you don't think I have it or if you just want to be sure you can leave a comment!

My Joy, My Kids

Lyndon is 3years and Madelyn is 6months, what a joy they are to me!
I was taking Madelyn's 6 months pics and Lyndon volunteered to sit for his, that's amazing, and I love his little expressions I just wish I had a studio or something because the lighting is never quite right.  But that little face I just want to eat up!
How cute is this little outfit.  I don't think she much cares for the basket but how else can I get a pic of her, she refuses to sit up!
Always the 'jokester'
This one is totally maddi, my sweet little angel.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Watch Tonight!

Channel 8 news has done a segment on the water system my husband sells in his clinic.  We haven't seen the final cut but Gordon could be on the air!  WATCH CHANNEL 8 TONIGHT!!!!!
(Sorry those of you who live outside DFW, it's just local.)

For more info check out water blogged and our alkaline ionized water website.

It's gonna be huge, tell your friends...THANKS :)

If you missed the news last night or live outside the Dallas area you can view the alkaline water segment here.