Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Joy, My Kids

Lyndon is 3years and Madelyn is 6months, what a joy they are to me!
I was taking Madelyn's 6 months pics and Lyndon volunteered to sit for his, that's amazing, and I love his little expressions I just wish I had a studio or something because the lighting is never quite right.  But that little face I just want to eat up!
How cute is this little outfit.  I don't think she much cares for the basket but how else can I get a pic of her, she refuses to sit up!
Always the 'jokester'
This one is totally maddi, my sweet little angel.


Tiffany Webber said...

Cute! Madelyn is getting so big and Lyndon is really starting to look like Gordon! What beautiful children you have! Can you believe Kaden is 1 today? Weird!

Summer said...

i want to eat you kids. thats all.