Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweet Baby

I got to take a few pics of my new nephew.... I am so lucky to live so close to at least one of my sisters.

Christine's Shower

So, I figure I should get the shower pics up before I post the newborn pics! I am so glad we were able to throw Christine and Sean a party to celebrate their having a baby. And how fun that their guy friends came too... they probably didn't really want me taking pictures of them decorating onesies, but they actually made some of the cutest ones!

I really didn't get very many good pics... I guess I was too busy. It's a bummer I didn't take each person's pic with their creation. Hopefully Christine will get some of Brody wearing them!
And I am really sad we didn't get pics of Sean's Trivia game. We asked him new Dad and birthing partner questions and he nailed them! I made him a "smarty candy necklace" for being such a smarty!
Next we played the Sweet Mess game... that's where you melt a candy bar in a diaper and try and they try and guess which one it is.

Like I said, not a lot of pics but it was a lot of fun I think! Thanks everyone that came!!!