Saturday, August 29, 2009


“For the love of God and my Sisters (so charitable toward me) I take care to appear happy and especially to be so.” St. Therese

Reading this I realize I let life's worries get me a bit down when I am so blessed and have much to be happy for. So I think I need to let my gratitude shine through a bit more and then maybe my worries won't seem like such a big deal after all!

(Warning: I haven't blogged in so long I am afraid this is going to be a more disjointed post than usual!)

Moving is hard, but we are getting settled in now, and we have so many gracious family members here in Utah that have helped us every step of the way. HUGE blessing! We couldn't have done it without them :)

Gordon is living his dream, having his own chiropractic office. It has happened fast, we never saw it happening as quickly as it did. Oh how we pray that it will be successful, and deep down we know it will be, but you know... the days are long and the years are short! I wish with all my hearth that I could make it as glamorous for him as he dreamt it would be when he was a kid, but I know that the reward will be that much greater if he puts in his own blood and sweat. In the mean time I have to remind myself that the best way I can support him is to take care of things at home first and then help him at the office as I can (which sounds easy in theory, but is hard when you have the motivation I was born with! Deep down I know I can do sooo much more than wash pans -or whatever it is us wives and mothers do, but my job is important... our kids are important!)

My Dad is a year in remission now (woot-woot!) That was a scary storm and now that those waters have settled it seems we have moved on to a completely different storm, one that I am sure will prove exciting and lead to a wonderful ending but all the same a bit strenuous at times.

I am anxious to see how my photography is going to fit into all of these changes now. It was more than a hobby in Texas, we counted on the extra income to save us all the time. Right now if I had the extra time the extra cash would be really helpful but eventually the practice will provide for our needs and I wonder if I will be able to justify the time I spend on it. As it is right now I have 4 shoots to post from the last couple weeks in Texas!

The kids have adjusted amazingly well. I don't know why I expected anything different, they are so resilient. Once we got into our own place it was only a matter of days (Lyndon had to re-test our boundaries a bit at first) and then business as usual. Maddie still is not walking, even though I tell her all the time that she can totally do it. She is a cautious one! I think I may have found a preschool for Lyndon, fingers crossed. I used to be against the thought of sending him off (EVER) but his personality I am realizing more and more would really benefit from it. You gotta do what's best for them, even if you'd rather keep them all to yourself forever!

Well, I gotta get off to bed, but it is so good to do the things your used to doing and I look forward to posting more regularly (with pics) like I was so don't forget about me.


Friday, August 7, 2009

LeSueur Family Pictures

We had our family pics done one last time in Texas. Click on this pic to see some more of this photographer's awesome captures from the session!
I was very impressed considering we have two of the hardest ages, 1 and 3 (the later being a rambunctious boy to boot!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look who's ONE!

You've had a Birthday,

shout hurray!

We want to sing to you today.

ONE YEAR older and wiser too!

Happy Birthday,


We had a BLAST throwing Maddie her first birthday party at my parent's house, more of those pics to come, so cute.

I know I have been neglecting my blog but I think we are ready to
make an official announcement
((((drumroll please))))
we are moving to Draper Utah.....
in one week!