Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look who's ONE!

You've had a Birthday,

shout hurray!

We want to sing to you today.

ONE YEAR older and wiser too!

Happy Birthday,


We had a BLAST throwing Maddie her first birthday party at my parent's house, more of those pics to come, so cute.

I know I have been neglecting my blog but I think we are ready to
make an official announcement
((((drumroll please))))
we are moving to Draper Utah.....
in one week!


Cheri said...

What a beauty! We had such a fun time celebrating Maddy's 1st B-day. She's so good natured too, it was super hot and humid, but she was trooper and just let Destiny snap away. Cheri

Melissa said...

She's so adorable and I can't believe she's already one. Congrats on the move to Utah!

Larissa said...

She is such a pretty girl! I can't believe she is already one! I am so glad you guys are moving to Utah so I can see her and the rest of the fam more than once a year. I was going to call on her birthday but then realized that she doesn't even know who I am. :( Hopefully, that will soon change!

Angie Robison said...

I am so excited to hear you are moving closer. I wish you were coming this way Brenan needs his senior pictures but for sure will have you do our family this fall if you can. In fact I would love it before we totally cut the grain but you will probably be too busy. It will be fun having you closer. Oh by the way Maddie is a doll. Love those baby blues

Lynn & Matt said...

So cute! I love her blue eyes and little dimples when she smiles!

Congrats on the move to Utah.
We are moving to Loma Linda, California next week.

Lynn & Matt said...

Were did you get her cute outfit?

jennifer said...

Wait a minute...!??!! I cannot believe Maddie is already ONE? She is so darling and has such a sweet face. What's taking your family to Draper? Who will take our next family photos?? Hope all goes well--call me if you want to drop the kids off while you pack/or whatever!

Kylee said...

Maddie is the beautiful. Can't believe our babies are one! Congrats on the move. let us know how it goes. we will have to come visit you when we come to Utah!

Kylee said...

I meant to say that Maddie is so beautiful..haha. can't write....!! Love her earrings! can't wait til my little girl is here.