Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day Singing Time

Update: Gordon just sent me this pic from his phone.  Sneaky :)

Original Message: Yesterday's singing time was a success! All the hard work I put into having a little extra special pioneer trek payed off and I was very happy. I wish I had brought my camera, but I forgot. Here is the outline. I put a bunch of ideas together from all over and made it fit this years theme.

Jr Primary Opening:

We are going on a trek to Zion, What is the first thing we need to do? We need to get use to pulling and pushing a handcart!

Sing, The Oxcart p. 219, while pushing and pulling

To start, pass out baby food jars with cream to make butter and gather on floor in circle:

1. "Child of God Canyon"

a. Question

b. Sing, I am a Child of God p. 1, even tempo, shake fast or slow!

2. “Baptism Creek”

a. Question

b. Sing, Baptism p. 100, while passing ‘under’ creek!

3. "Eternal Family Mountain"

a. Question

b. Sing, My Eternal Family, the harder we shake the higher we climb!

4. "How Firm Cove"

a. Fun To Do, 3 verses (Jr. Primary) or Question (Sr. Primary)

b. Sing, How Firm a Foundation Hymn #85, shake with beat!

5. “Seek the Lord Peak”

a. Question

b. Sing, Seek The Lord Early p. 108, lead the music with emphasis to shake jars!

6. "Forever-Family Meadow"

a. Question

b. Sing, Families Can Be Together Forever p. 188, shaking high and low as notes get higher and lower!

For the setup, I made posters with a covered wagon for each stop and hung a strip of fabric with two cards tied to it. One card had the question (changed out different ones for Sr and Jr) and the other told us what to sing accompanied by an action, listed above. These I taped to the back of chairs placed all the way around the room ending at the table with rolls to go with our butter. For the stop "Baptism Creek" I used a table and had them go under like they were going under the waters of baptism. The butter making was the biggest hit though!


Cheryl Winkel said...

I have to say I was very impressed with the singing time. I especially loved it because my oldes son has had a hard time with church for awhile and really has hated going to church. Several times, however, he has had a great time in singing time and he said this last one was the best. He participated in the actions and making the cream and he even sang all the songs. He had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity. I want yo to know that it is impacting my son in a very postitive way.

Cindy Jones said...

What were the questions you asked at each stop?