Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Update: Here it is...

Right about when she came up and over his back is when it really started getting to me, although I was not sure exactly why yet.  Then later Mia Michaels talked about how people battling cancer are really concerned about how their loved ones around them are doing.  That was so true with my Dad.  It is a wonderful memory I have from that time.  I called him all the time to see how he was doing and usually he didn't have a lot of energy to be on the phone but he always checked on how I was doing.  I remember him actually asking me how I was doing emotionally... I did a double take to see if I heard correctly, we usually don't talk like that.  Then he would act like me having the baby was a big deal, compared to what his body was going through I laughed and told him women do it everyday, it was no big deal.  That perspective I believe really helped  the process I was going through helping make the birth so beautiful.  I was drawing on his strength.

Original message: Yes, we do have some 'moving' news but there are still loose ends so I'll hold off on that for now. Right now I want to tell you about the very moving dance on SYTYCD tonight.  
I am not very good at talking about things or writing about them (as you see here on my blog, post after post.)  But my emotions run deep and watch out flood gates when they did the dance about cancer. It was beautiful and made me appreciate my Dad and his battle that much more.  It could not have been more perfect and I can't believe I was crying long after it was over.  
I don't know if I can watch the dance again but if I find it posted somewhere I will add it because everyone should see it.

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gretchen said...

I loved that dance! John and I love this show, and we rewound and rewatched this dance at least 5 times. I'm glad to hear your dad is feeling better.