Friday, April 24, 2009

Choo, Choo - All Aboard!!!!

Lyndon saw me editing some pictures from the weekend and decided he wanted his pictures taken at the train too! I jumped all over that!!!
So I packed up the kids and I am so happy with the shots we got. Of course Lyndon didn't actually look at the camera very much but I know I will treasure these forever!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Wild Weekend

Yes, this was a very busy weekend.  It all started when Gordon left for San Antonio to get his colonoscopy.  Everything checked out fine. 
Meanwhile we had our program of the Ten Virgins for Stake RS Conference.  I was Malka, I tried to take a snap shot of myself with the point and shoot at 6am... not the best but you get the idea.   
I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of this.  The spirit was so strong, I am so grateful for the gospel and the RS.  It is amazing the power of dedicated righteous women!
That afternoon I had an engagement session, which was lots of fun.  We almost thought the weather wasn't going to cooperate, it had been stormy for a couple days but cleared up just in time!
Then that night we had to say goodbye to our dear friends, the Angleseys.  Craig graduated from Parker Saturday, congrats again, and they are going back home.  They were our first friends we made when we moved here 5 years ago. We will miss them!

Sunday Lyndon gave a talk in primary... soooo stinkin' cute.  We tried to get him to do it again, so we could record it, for FHE (not the same.)  He did it perfect on Sunday, I was so proud of him.

Oh, and I was called as the Primary chorister and this was my first Sunday.  Very exhausting, but I know I will enjoy it.  It will be great.  I love the kids already!  Here's a cool primary blog I got from my aunt's blog...
So, ya, it was a bit crazy but it keeps life interesting!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

We have never done the whole Easter bunny and egg hunt thing at our house yet, we just weren't that into it but we knew Lyndon would be.  So Gordon and I decided to start our own family tradition and did it on Saturday.  The 'bunny' left the basket of goodies in the backyard and hid the eggs.  It was really fun and I thought it was nice not to distract from the sacredness of Easter Sunday.  This video is long, you'll probably want to FF to the end!
Today we were surprised at Lyndon's own report after church that he had not been good.  I asked him why he got in trouble and he said, "They said Jesus died!"  I could just picture my little 3 year old being very distraught by this and arguing to the point of getting in trouble (remind you of anyone, hmmm.)  Anyway, I felt so bad that I did not include this detail in our conversations at home about Easter.  I mean, cut me some slack, this is my first kid, I don't know what is age appropriate or exactly what all his little mind can grasp.  I thought I did a good job explaining how Jesus lived a perfect life and then he made it possible for us to return to live with Heavenly Father and live forever together..., I just kind of skipped the dying part.  Well, I won't make that mistake again.  We had a good discussion about it in the car and I think he feels much better.  But I do love the fact that he listens in church and cares about Jesus, he obviously knows He is important.  In fact when he prays he asks that Jesus will be happy with him and asks to see him.  It's very cute, but I have got to do a better job of teaching him the whole gospel and not second guess what he will understand or not so these confusions don't happen again!
And I will add to that my testimony that He died for us, to save us from our sins, and that He lives again.  Because of his sacrifice we can live with our families forever through our Heavenly Father's great plan.  Amen.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parable of the Ten Virgins

I am really excited about our stake woman's conference next week. They are doing the parable of the ten virgins and I am going to be Malka. When they asked me to do it I thought it was going to be a little solo with a little narration... but it is actually a full out production with scenery and costumes, it's going to be really powerful I think.
One of the ladies tonight pointed out that in the pictures the five foolish virgins are obvious, but in the presentation we are doing they really are more subtle than that. It's just little things holding them back. Take my character for example, she is flattered and admires her lamp very much but never uses it or lights it, just takes it out to display for others.
Bringing this parable to life like this, especially after the amazing General Conference we just had, it's really made me think about where I am and where I need to be. I think it is probably true that whenever you think you are doing alright you probably need to be working harder, and any one of us could be caught off guard in the last hour without any oil. I can only imagine how desperate that would feel, but I also think about how it might feel to have your friend or sister come to you asking for oil... let's just say my heart has been softened, I've been touched and if you get a chance to come I know it will touch your heart too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madelyn is 8 months!

Here is a funny picture of her in her walker eating another teething 'cookie.'
She is a lot of fun, she loves to roll around on the floor and is more and more interested in what we are doing, especially when we are eating. I have discovered that she loves the water more and more. She doesn't even close her eyes when she goes under water (in the tub, still too cold for the pool!) Lyndon can splash and play with her all he wants she never even flinches. She sleeps like her Daddy, on her side with her neck stretched out. Her favorite toys are an old cell phone, an old credit card and plastic keys! We couldn't ask for a better baby :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Need a Vacation!

I have an itch to travel and airfare is so cheap right now I thought I'd give a little shout out to see who loves me the most.  ;) j/k

What I was thinking was with the tickets costing around $200 to fly just about anywhere, I could come visit anyone who thinks they could set up a couple shoots for me to do while I am there! Not looking to make money, just break even for the trip so I can come see some of you!!!!
If you think it is a good idea call me or email me. 
Love You!