Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Wild Weekend

Yes, this was a very busy weekend.  It all started when Gordon left for San Antonio to get his colonoscopy.  Everything checked out fine. 
Meanwhile we had our program of the Ten Virgins for Stake RS Conference.  I was Malka, I tried to take a snap shot of myself with the point and shoot at 6am... not the best but you get the idea.   
I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of this.  The spirit was so strong, I am so grateful for the gospel and the RS.  It is amazing the power of dedicated righteous women!
That afternoon I had an engagement session, which was lots of fun.  We almost thought the weather wasn't going to cooperate, it had been stormy for a couple days but cleared up just in time!
Then that night we had to say goodbye to our dear friends, the Angleseys.  Craig graduated from Parker Saturday, congrats again, and they are going back home.  They were our first friends we made when we moved here 5 years ago. We will miss them!

Sunday Lyndon gave a talk in primary... soooo stinkin' cute.  We tried to get him to do it again, so we could record it, for FHE (not the same.)  He did it perfect on Sunday, I was so proud of him.

Oh, and I was called as the Primary chorister and this was my first Sunday.  Very exhausting, but I know I will enjoy it.  It will be great.  I love the kids already!  Here's a cool primary blog I got from my aunt's blog...
So, ya, it was a bit crazy but it keeps life interesting!


Angie Robison said...

Tell Lyndon he did awesome. It is fun to keep up on you guys. I wish I could have seen your performance.

Marie said...

You did a wonderful job at the RS Women's Conference last Saturday. What a wonderful program it was!

Chell said...

Lyndon's talk was awesome! I had a smile on my face the entire time I watched it! You guys are doing a great job!