Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

We have never done the whole Easter bunny and egg hunt thing at our house yet, we just weren't that into it but we knew Lyndon would be.  So Gordon and I decided to start our own family tradition and did it on Saturday.  The 'bunny' left the basket of goodies in the backyard and hid the eggs.  It was really fun and I thought it was nice not to distract from the sacredness of Easter Sunday.  This video is long, you'll probably want to FF to the end!
Today we were surprised at Lyndon's own report after church that he had not been good.  I asked him why he got in trouble and he said, "They said Jesus died!"  I could just picture my little 3 year old being very distraught by this and arguing to the point of getting in trouble (remind you of anyone, hmmm.)  Anyway, I felt so bad that I did not include this detail in our conversations at home about Easter.  I mean, cut me some slack, this is my first kid, I don't know what is age appropriate or exactly what all his little mind can grasp.  I thought I did a good job explaining how Jesus lived a perfect life and then he made it possible for us to return to live with Heavenly Father and live forever together..., I just kind of skipped the dying part.  Well, I won't make that mistake again.  We had a good discussion about it in the car and I think he feels much better.  But I do love the fact that he listens in church and cares about Jesus, he obviously knows He is important.  In fact when he prays he asks that Jesus will be happy with him and asks to see him.  It's very cute, but I have got to do a better job of teaching him the whole gospel and not second guess what he will understand or not so these confusions don't happen again!
And I will add to that my testimony that He died for us, to save us from our sins, and that He lives again.  Because of his sacrifice we can live with our families forever through our Heavenly Father's great plan.  Amen.
Happy Easter!


Summer said...

that is so cute and sad and cute!! poor kid! i love your easter pics!!

Chell said...

Cute! Wade and JT had a fun Easter hunt too. Wish we all lived closer so that Lyndon could have done it with them. I love Maddie's bunny ears!

Larissa said...

So cute! Lyndon has such a cute voice. And I just can't get over how pretty Maddie is. They are both adorable!