Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madelyn is 8 months!

Here is a funny picture of her in her walker eating another teething 'cookie.'
She is a lot of fun, she loves to roll around on the floor and is more and more interested in what we are doing, especially when we are eating. I have discovered that she loves the water more and more. She doesn't even close her eyes when she goes under water (in the tub, still too cold for the pool!) Lyndon can splash and play with her all he wants she never even flinches. She sleeps like her Daddy, on her side with her neck stretched out. Her favorite toys are an old cell phone, an old credit card and plastic keys! We couldn't ask for a better baby :)

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Chell said...

Time flies! She's so cute, you can sure tell that her and Lyndon are related! Are you ready for her to start crawling? I'm liking how Beckam isn't mobile yet:)