Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was a very interesting day. It was like the Lord was trying to teach me some lessons that I am not sure I fully grasp yet. First, I woke up to snow, which is frustrating when you don't particularly like snow and it's the end of May already. But the weird thing was how beautiful the afternoon was. While I wasn't pulling out my shorts the sun came out and melted the snow and the sky was pretty clear for where we live. I know I appreciated the sun that much more in contrast to what I woke up to. Then, while shopping at Walmart I happened to be in the right place at the right time to help a man having a seizure. A lot of people were scared, especially his Mom, so I held his head and tried to keep everyone calm. I will probably never forget his eyes. Waking up on the floor is very disorienting, I know from experience. Anyway, the paramedics finally got there and I went back to shopping. The thing is, before this happened I was ecstatic about going through a grocery store without the kids and then my perspective was totally changed and all I wanted to do was get done and get home to my family.
Take from that what you will but I have been feeling a need for more gratitude in my life and I feel like I was helped along my quest for that yesterday and I am very grateful for that (;