Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Above and Beyond

I am so proud of my Dad, he's amazing. It is hard to believe he has stage four cancer, it is a scary thing. And this could be my immaturity but I think about how we've been asked to "endure to the end" and I marvel that he is not just doing that, to me he is going above and beyond, he is putting up a fight.
His surgery was successful today and I am grateful the surgeon and staff took such good care of him. They removed part of the colon, stomach, diaphragm and took the gallbladder as well. They will meet with the oncologist this week hopefully so he can start chemo as soon as he is well enough, but the surgeon said he is doing excellent and expects a full recovery from the surgery in two months.
He couldn't talk much after it was done, but you could see he was in bad shape. Still he didn't want any of us there worrying about him.... he wanted us to "go have some fun." That's my Dad :)
Please continue to pray for him, he still needs lots of prayers to get through the recovery. He went through a lot of trauma today and it is going to be very hard.
I am filled with faith and have felt and seen the power of all the prayers on our families behalf so far, thank you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Prayer Request

This is a picture of my Dad and me on
his 50th birthday this past December.
He was diagnosed with colon cancer
last week and we believe it is very
advanced because of the tumor size
and symptoms he is experiencing.
The outlook is very scary and he has a
rough road ahead of him. He is having
surgery next week to remove the tumor
and will be starting treatment
for the cancer shortly after.
My Dad is brave and strong but we
need your prayers!

We are hoping for a miracle...