Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roller Skating

While we were in San Antonio we went to the roller skating rink where I used to go growing up; fun adding new memories to old ones. It was Lyndon's first time... he fell alot, hopefully I can get him to go again!!!!


Tiffany Webber said...

Lyndon is getting so big! He looks so cute with those skates on! I love taking Kaden to places I went as a little kid! It's so fun! How are you doing? I haven't talked with you forever! I need to call you and catch up! Miss you girl! Love reading your blog!

rosebud said...

WOW! He's going around by himself! I couldn't get my kids to let go of me. (There is a little rink like that over by Target.)

Karie said...

That sure brings back some memories...mainly of me skating on the carpet because I couldn't really roller skate. :)