Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th!

We went out to Grapevine Lake for the fourth with our friends and had a blast! We were a little far from the fireworks but other than that the location and weather was beautiful. Here are some favs from the trip :)
Can you believe Lyndon actually looked at the camera!!!!  And here's Gordon relaxing, it really was nice.
Some cute puppies came and visited us, Lyndon loves dogs.
Here are the guys, Gordon and Craig.  They've been friends since we first moved to Texas!
Here's Carrie with her youngest little cutie, Matthew (doesn't that face make you wanna smile.)

And here's Riley, their oldest, when we first met she wasn't even walking!

This is Craig Jr, he's a little older than Lyndon, but they all three play great as you can see!
Lastly, I was brave enough to post this pic of me ~8 months!


powerball lottery numbers said...

Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

Melissa said...

wow that's a nice big belly you have there :) Fun pics!

Garet and Amanda said...

cute pictures. Looks like you had fun....you look like you are hiding something under your shirt in that picture. you look cute.

kristal said...

you poor girl. You carry like me...big and out front. I'm sure you hear all the stupid comments I hear during pregnancy. You look so cute though. Good job. Um, and Lyndon looks JUST LIKE YOU! He's a doll. How fun is he to shoot (in pictures). Looks like a great 4th! I miss that lake!

Summer said...

dang girl your HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya!