Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lyndon Dragon

~I wish I knew what he was thinking in this picture~
Lyndon has loved dragons all year so it was perfect that we borrowed his Uncle JT's dragon costume... he really thought it was THE REAL THING!

But what was Lyndon's most favorite part of Halloween?.... THE CANDY!

Madelyn didn't see a lot of action this halloween. I did put her little pumpkin outfit on her but she slept cuddled with mommy in her sling while we took Lyndon trick-or-treating.


kristal said...

I LOVE your hair Destiny! You've always had the best hair, but I love the side bangs! So cute. Hey, of coarse you can join the BL. I just have 10 or 15 to lose as well, but just so you know, everyone is going to hate you because you're already the skinniest thing in the world. I'll send you an invite to the blog and you can read the instructions. IT starts Friday. You'll be great motivation to all of us fatties though.

Karie said...

awww. Your kids are so cute! I love the dragon costume. :)

Cheri said...

Love it! I wonder what he's thinking too!!! He really does think he's a dragon . . . doesn't he?

Brittny Kimball said...

too cute! Lyndon was giving you some great smiles this time!

Summer said...

cute!!!! i wish we could have gone with you! sydney could have been the princess~