Monday, June 9, 2008


We got our first miracle and are waiting for our second one!
Dad is home from the hospital and looks much better. It was good to see him this weekend ~still couldn't give him a big squeeze but I will soon :)
The surgery went remarkably well but there is still a lot of cancer left. There are so many ups and downs it is hard so this will probably be the last update for a while. He will start chemo within a week or two for the next four months, and once he has recovered from surgery we are hoping he can get back to his normal activities, maybe even his job.
Right out of surgery and very much 'out of it' he told me, "[he] thinks [his] body is stronger than the cancer." I know he probably doesn't even remember that at all but I believe him, and combined with the power of all of our faith, prayers, and fasting he can conquer anything. Please continue to pray for him and thank you, our family has been so blessed through all of this!

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