Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Sister's Bridals

Another take with my new action (Melissa's been telling me about sunshine forever and I finally got it!)

I had the most fun this weekend taking my sister's bridal and engagement photos. She flew me out to Salt Lake for the weekend, yes at 34 weeks I flew to Utah. It was a lot of hard work haulin' around this big belly but I am so glad we got to do it! This is just one I wanted to share, isn't she beautiful... I'm sure there will be more to come!


Summer said...

aww! i love her dress!

Dramatic Imaging said...

ahhhhh!!!!!! I did not know she was engaged! Who? Where from? Yeah!!!!!!!!! She looks amazing and yes awesome dress!

Jodi said...

I was just on your blog and see you link to my old one still - the one called Unlocking your Creativity. Any chance you can update your blog link to say: MCP Actions | Resources for Photographers. And then link to

I so appreciate you linking to me.

Thank you!


Kevin, Amber & Jake said...

hey where did you get the action from? i love it! and your sisters dress is AMAZING! she is such a beautiful girl! awesome pics!