Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Packages!

Who doesn't love getting mail?! Packages from grammies are even better, and this week we got 3!  They were for Christmas and Lyndon's birthday and we had to open them all this week because we can't take them with us to Utah, it was so exciting.  
First came Grammie and Grandpa Biggs and Great Granny's box.  This is a pic of Madelyn fallen asleep with her new dollies.  I wish she had on the cute pjs Grammie sent her too :)  Lyndon got 2 Shrek movies and would watch them nonstop if I let him!  And the spiderman shoes were a big hit too!

Then we got a box from my Mom.
(He is singing in his 'Backyarigans' mic.- jacket, hat, mittens and binoculars all new too!)

She got Madelyn new toys too and look at this adorable little outfit!  Now they are both ready for Utah and the snow!!!
Speaking of our trip to Utah, Grammie LeeRaye sent a card with money which was perfect timing because I have really been wanting a double stroller, especially for the airport, and I found this one on craigslist for the exact amount! 


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Summer said...

i love christmas packages!! they are the best! when and where and for how long will you be in utah? we both have a really long break and might be in utah and would love to meet up with you guys! let me know