Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Very Warm Thanksgiving!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year in the beautiful, warm and yes, humid San Antonio.
It was a full house, probably the biggest Thanksgiving we've ever had (since we live so far from the rest of our family.) My Dad's brother and his crew flew out from ID which was so cool. I wish we saw them more.
Our family has been so blessed over the years but this year we are especially grateful for the many miracles we witnessed since my Dad was diagnosed with cancer this summer. Everything was (and is) so uncertain with his prognosis, but all the time I get to spend with him is a blessing. I am thankful for the faith that has sustained our whole family through all of this, I know that because of that faith he is here and we remain hopeful.
I tried to help Lyndon understand what thanksgiving was by drawing what we were thankful for and making it into a little banner. When I asked him what he was thankful for very sweetly, the first thing he said was Jesus, then Madi, then his bike! Then he fell asleep just before we ate! His cousins really wore him out. He called them his brothers and he was so excited every time he saw them! I was very impressed by them, I imagined most teenage boys wouldn't give a 2 year old the time of day, but not these guys, they're awesome!
The next day we all went to Sea World (except for Dad) and it was the perfect day to go. It was kind of cloudy and looked like it was going to rain so there weren't a lot of crowds. We saw some shows and road some rides and Lyndon was spoiled ROTTEN by his Great Uncle Dave, and being the wonderful baby that she is, Madelyn just hung out in her sling as I packed her around everywhere.
Now we are back home and I miss everyone so much, I love Dallas but sometimes I wish we all lived just a little closer!

Oh, and I apologize the photos aren't better, my flash was acting up.

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Angie Robison said...

Hey Destiny you really are a great photographer. We had a blast in Texas. My email address is daviang@aol.com. Tell Lyndon hi from his brothers. I don't think Lyndon on a sugar high making gingerbread houses would be any different than my boys winding him up. Thanks for the great Thanksgiving.