Sunday, May 24, 2009

all work and no play

Well, some might argue that my work IS play, but here's what I was 'working' on last weekend. Such a beautiful young couple. I had a really fun engagement session yesterday, can't wait to share those :)

With al  the beautiful weather we have been playing outdoors a lot!  Here we were at a park (Did I mention I love Texas, I don't know how many places have such great parks everywhere you turn.) Here is Maddie sporting her new hat I got her after Michelle sent me this link of Dr. Mercola's.
And quick, here is Lyndon sporting his new hat too... now you see him, now you don't!  (I Don't know how I caught this one, he's usually so good at evading me!)
AND NOW FOR SOME BIG NEWS:  Madelyn has hair, enough for this cute little clippie, yippee!

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