Saturday, May 30, 2009

Missing Maddie

We can't wait for Madelyn and Gordon to get home... can you imagine being parted from this sweetheart for 5 days!!!!  I know she is gonna be so spoiled when she gets back but I am still gonna smother he in kisses.
I have to admit though, Lyndon and I have had a lot of fun just the two of us (and I can't believe how much I get done and how rested I am.)  
Today we did crafts, which I am so glad he's into, it's great.  I am tempted to say he has a natural ability, he does have a lot of artistic people in his family, but I have to watch myself and make sure I emphasize that if he WORKS HARD and PRACTICES then he could be really great someday.
My reasoning behind this is two part.  First of all (I can't believe I am admitting this... here it goes...) I was a quitter my whole life.  If I couldn't do something fabulously the first time, I quit. Obviously not something I want my kids to copy, and as you can see from my photography am learning perseverance and have a new found determination!  Secondly, I think we have a huge entitlement issue in society these days, and I am hoping I  can steer my kids away from that.... so there you go, my tangent for the day :) 
Sorry these pics are backwards order.  Here he is water painting while I work on a poster for Singing time tomorrow.  

The other paintings on the fridge are past finger paint projects... this was his first time with water colors.

A little artistic expression of my own; Gordon hates when I blow out the skin tones, but sometimes I think it's cool.

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Angie Robison said...

Tell Lyndon his picture is totally awesome.