Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Silly Girl

I found this hat at the grocery store for $5, way cheaper than all the boutiques.
I told her I got her a hat this morning while I was getting her dressed
and she was so excited, she has actually been keeping it on.
She's copying Lyndon with the silly cheek face, too cute!

Update: Gordon does not exactly like the last pic because he thinks she has attitude, but I just love documenting her beautiful full cheeks and lips. It's a way more serious face than we usually get from her but for some reason it's perfect to me :)


Brittny Kimball said...

oh my goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL

Larissa said...

She is such a pretty girl!

Karie said...

She is absolutely adorable, Destiny. What a pretty face! Oh, and I thought your bed looked really cute too. :)

Lynn and Matt said...

She is Beautiful Destiny! Cute hat--what a great find!

Michelle LeSueur said...

Grandma loves her beautiful eyes!! They are gorgeous.

annie said...

ok your daughter is seriously a model..she is gorgeous!