Monday, May 9, 2011

The DOG Wash!

So there is a car wash behind my office that also has a dog wash! This is the coolest thing ever. All you do is put in some quarters and select which options you want and you're set. Kizco was pretty nervous. She's not always a huge fan of getting a bath. She did good until it came time to dry her off. Overall though it was so much easier doing it at the dog wash instead of trying to do it at home. I'm sure she'll get use to it.

This is her keeping her distance from me. She usually gets a little bugged afterwards but it doesn't last long.
She's still a little pissed but I don't care. She is so clean and fluffy!


Larissa said...

Kizco looks so cute! I think a dog wash is so cool.

jane smith said...

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