Thursday, November 8, 2007

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged....

I am an introvert... being around a lot of people overwhelms me, I gain more energy being alone or in one-on-one settings.
I am not a good house keeper. There I said it! I feel so much better :)
I used to be more of an artist, I drew all the time but haven't for a long time now. (I painted some murals in my room when I was 16 and my Mom hasn't painted over them, yet!)
I love dancing! My swing partner and I got second place in a "Jitter Bug" competition!
I am really silly when you get to know me.... I think most people think that I am all serious and stuff, you'd be suprised (just ask my sisters!)
I love lakes, boats, and wakeboarding and like wise I hate the snow and snowboarding
I tend to be liberal minded when it comes to politics (though my personal life is more conservative) ...interesting...

OK... I tag Melissa and Tiffany, can't wait to see what you gals think of!

Oh, and thanks Summer for the tag... that was hard!!!!!!

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