Monday, June 22, 2009

Have you checked your spine lately?

I just thought I'd give a little update on my dear husband's career these days. He is now working for a clinic just down the road, Plano Injury Rehab. He is one of two treating docs there and is liking it a lot. Many of you have inquired about chiropractic care with him before but he did not take insurance.... now he does! So stop on by anytime, the office is really nice and they offer soooo much more than just adjustments!

Here he is at a screening he did at a local grocery store. He was there for 4 hrs on a Saturday and it went really well. He's got such a great personality who wouldn't want to talk to him!
Me and the kids were there for a bit. They had this coke display I set Madelyn on and it actually helped draw peoples attention! They stopped to see the cute kids and stayed to listen to the cute chiropractor!!!

Here is my try at making this look like an 'old' coke ad. Needs work, maybe darker shadows?

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Larissa said...

The kids are adorable! And Gordy looks good in his doctor attire. I know your the photographer, but I would like to see more pics of you!