Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I love tub pics and I thought I was never going to get any of just Madelyn because Lyndon comes running, clothes flying, anytime he hears the tub or shower going! To be honest I am not sure where he was this time, but I am sure happy I got these precious shots.

The girl loves her bubble bath!

C o N t E s T u P d A t E . . . . . .
I have received lots of comments about TWITTER.... if you don't tweet no worries I will make that one optional, so go ahead and enter!
But, just so you know, twitter is not another facebook. It is kind of like a group IM (you remember IMing from back in the day right) Anyway, 'tweets' are just a fun way of getting out little announcements to anyone who wants to follow you.
I have a MAC so I use the program twitterific which displays my 'tweets' in a small box on the side of my screen. I can reply to others right there or send out my own tweet right from my desktop. You can also use your cell phone so it's like group texting.
I haven't been doing it very long but so far I think it's pretty cool. Why not give it a try if you feel adventurous!


Cheryl Winkel said...

I just have to say how Beautiful Madelyn is. She is such a sweet baby and the camera simply loves her. Thanks for letting me hold her for you on Sunday. My arms and lap are open anytime.

rosebud said...

Could she not be any more beautiful?!! I just can't get enough of that sweet little thing!!