Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sound the Alarm

We're FIRED-UP for fun
We went to the Plano Fire Station to end our week of fun, and it was great.
I highly recommend taking the tour for anyone with little kids.

Lyndon wanted to know how everything worked and looking at these pics you can see on his face he thought this was for real.

Fire fighter Steve was so nice and let Lyndon see and touch everything!
Maddie just sat and looked pretty, though she really didn't ever look at the camera for me.
The helmet probably weighs as much as he does!

Side Note: Speaking of alarms, the contest for a free photo session is down to the wire now, just a fee hours. I saw some of you have done some of the steps but as far as I know no one has completed them all!
I will announce the winner Monday (I try to refrain from blogging on Sundays.)


rosebud said...

That bow is the best part! :D

BTW- you should totally advertise your give-a-way on plano gals!

Destiny said...

I know, my hubby hates that giant bow, but I figured we needed something big and girly to go with the engines.
What is Plano gals?