Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is suppose to be therapeutic right! All right then, in that case, I did not totally unload all my stress and frustration on my husband on our way home from church yesterday (he did not partly deserve it,) but being the sweet man he is, had I actually acted like a beast he would have forgiven me after my pathetic peace offering of some delicious fresh cut watermelon.

Looking back it occurs to me that I did not drink two fridge packs of Dr. Pepper this past week, remember I am married to a chiropractor so I would never drink anything but pure alkaline water!

Now this last one would have been great to get a picture of, but Lyndon had a friend over last week, they mostly played in the sprinkler, and I did not let them pee in the yard because they both had to go at the same time. And I did not get a little chuckle watching the two of them side by side seeing who could reach the fence because I would never condone such behavior much less find humor in it!!!

Here are some pics that have nothing to do with not me! Monday
because picture-less posts are bor-ring.
Little Lyndon and I went out bargain shopping because he desperately needed new church clothes. I was impressed, we got the whole outfit for
a little over $10 thanks to Old Navy and the local thrift store.
He is very pleased as well. In fact whenever we are home I am not surprised anymore to find him either in his spiderman pj's or his 'new' church clothes!
Yes, I could eat him up!

Now, for some news some of you have been waiting for...
We actually do not have a winner for the photo shoot.
No one has completed all five steps,
So I have decided to open it up again until Thursday.
Anyone in the Dallas area can enter for a FREE session (5 digital negatives included on cd) with me.
Here again are the 5 steps to enter:
  1. just leaving a comment (nothing special, let me know you are interested so I can start tracking your progress)
  2. blog about it (then leave a comment that you blogged about it, w/ the url to your blog)
  3. follow me on twitter & tweet about it
  4. put my button on your sidebar
  5. email 3 friends about this (CC me into your email,


Lynn & Matt said...

Yea--I didn't miss it!

Lynn & Matt said...

Okay, I just added your button to my side bar. I am working on a post now (even though I should be studying!)

Lynn & Matt said...

Just posted on my blog about the contest and sent an email to a few friends!

We still love our wedding photos. Thanks for preserving our memories!

Dramatic Imaging said...

Hey i have not been looking at blogs in forever and wanted to see what you guys are up to! Love the pics! You all look amazing as usual! Your pictures improve every time I look! Awesome! Love, Amy

Toni Dee! said...

Oops, didn't realize I needed to do all five - so here I go :) Oh, and I already e-mailed 3 people so do I need to do that again?

Toni Dee! said...

Ok I blogged about it at and then added your button to my sidebar . . . my layout was doing something weird so I had to reduce the size of the button - it's as big as I could get it without it looking stretched? Now to go figure out how the twitter thing works I've never done that before!

Toni Dee! said...

Cool - so twitter is just like facebook I guess? Who knew, one more site to steal my time and suck me in. Ok I think I'm all set to be entered but if there's something missing would you let me know? . You ROCK!

jennifer said...

Well, I don't have a blog and I don't twitter, so count me out...I'll have to try it another time!!

Older and Wisor said...

Uh oh....I'm not on Twitter! Does that mean I can't enter? DANG.

Destiny said...

Tweeting optional folks, read my splish-splash post for more details.
And thanks to those who have already entered!